Sedano’s Supermarkets, is committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and a wide variety of fresh products that meet their needs, tastes, and preferences.
As a family-owned business, we recognize the nutritional value of eggs as an affordable means to incorporate protein into our diets. Our stores offer a combined total of eight (8) certified humane egg brands including cage-free, organic, free roaming, and pasture raised eggs which represent nearly 50% of our product mix.
Sedano’s continues to work closely with suppliers to ensure customer satisfaction through the research and improvement of product offerings. Our suppliers have indicated that they are currently in the process of implementing a change of their facilities to cage free with a goal of completing that process in 10 years by 2026. Animal welfare is important to us; as well as the ability to provide affordable products that do not alienate consumer families dependent on government programs such as WIC, whose regulations only allow for the purchase of specified goods.
The loyalty of our customers and their confidence in the service and products that we offer is vital to us and ingrained in our core values. With their support and that of our suppliers, we will continue our efforts and commitment to move towards 100% cage free eggs sales by 2026. We remain conscious of and receptive to the feedback from our customers and industry partners, and will work tirelessly to continue providing the wide variety of quality products that our customers demand and have been accustomed to.