Cleanup on aisle…wait, there won’t be any of that here.

Sedano’s is looking to change the shopping hassles for their customers as the robotic store prepares over 1500 items per hour – as a 60 item order can be completed in 5 minutes.

“Our goal is to grab customer orders when customers download our apps, and then they place their order online,” chief marketing officer Javier Herra said. “Basically it’s like they come to our store, we did the shopping for them, and they’re in and out in 5 minutes.”

This new method is a way for Sedano’s to entice their customers in a wave of technology that is taking the world by storm. According to Takeoff Technologies, customers are moving online for groceries at an incredibly fast pace – over 20% year after year, giving stores like Target and Amazon Prime competition.

“No additional hidden fees, nothing where they will expect a service fee at the end of the order,” Herra added.

The concern about this wave of grocery shopping is jobs and if these technologies add or take away jobs – but Herra said as they continue to grow this side of their business, they say more jobs will be needed.

This robotic supermarket is responsible for about 15 stores across South Florida. The biggest goal for Sedano‘s is to expand that, and open up another robotic supermarket and eventually control over 30 stores across the area.

Source: NBC 6