Sedano’s Supermarket, the largest Hispanic-owned supermarket chain in the U.S., recently introduced Nuestra Sazón magazine, the first step in its retail media network launch. The custom publication comes in digital and print versions and is aimed at celebrating Latin cuisine and culture. Portada interviewed Javier Herrán, Chief Marketing Officer, Sedano’s. to learn more about Nuestra Sazón and other projects related to Sedano’s retail marketing strategy.

With headquarters in Miami-Dade County, Sedano’s employs approximately 3,000 associates and operates 34 stores across Florida in Miami-Dade, Broward, Orange, and Osceola counties.

In the digital age custom print publications have perhaps lost some of their allure. Yet Sedano’s recently introduced this bilingual magazine with a circulation of 52,500 mailed directly to homes across Sedano’s primary market in Florida. Nuestra Sazón, launched with the help of Havas House — the global custom media, content and publishing division of Republica Havas — is published three times a year (March, July, November) and has an average readership of 105,000 readers.  “We know and understand that print is still a very important medium with our consumers, and it felt like an appropriate avenue to explore to continue Sedano’s brand growth,” says Javier Herrán, Chief Marketing Officer, Sedano’s. “It has brought new brand partnerships to the table while vitalizing existing partnerships and customer experiences. It also provides the opportunity to speak to customers while they’re at home, as they’re creating their shopping lists and build relationships with them outside of the stores,” he adds.

Using Retail Media as an Extension of Sedano’s Existing Marketing Strategy 

Retail Media
Javier Herrán, Chief Marketing Officer, Sedano’s

“Nuestra Sazón acts as an extension of Sedano’s existing marketing strategy, promoting the brand ethos in a new light that’s more humanized and approachable.” CMO Herran notes. He adds that “the magazine celebrates the richness of the Hispanic cuisine and culture through engaging content, local stories, and comida criolla recipes customers can cook at home using ingredients from featured brands.”

“We know and understand that print is still a very important medium with our consumers, and it felt like an appropriate avenue to explore to continue Sedano’s brand growth.”

Sedano’s further promotes the magazine and its content via social media campaigns and monthly e-newsletters to its more than 32,000 subscribers. Sedano’s Retail Media Network , of which Nuestra Sazón magazine is the first step, will provide supporting brand partners with the opportunity to creatively showcase their products throughout the supermarket chain’s vast reach in Florida.

E-Commerce Offering

Sedano’s comsumer touchpoints are multichannel which is reflected in the above-described multichannel marketing strategy. Herran states that Sedano’s offers its customers a number of ways to shop. “We feel that we need to reach our customers where they want to be and where they want to shop conveniently. Our customers have the ability to shop our stores in person or online through various platforms, including our website, www.sedanos.com, Cornershop by Uber, Shipt, DoorDash, Uber Grocery and on Uber Eats. Our goal is to reach every consumer with our unique product offerings regardless of the platform they choose to use,” Herran concludes.


Source: Portada Magazine